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  • Orchids & Bromeliades

We provide highest quality Bromeliads and Orchids in many variety, colors, shapes and sizes at affordable prices.

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  • Indoor Trees, Plants & Foliage

Add color, fragrance, and the rich greens from Indoor plants. They are happy to grow and bloom in pots or planters.

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  • Outdoor Trees, Plants & Foliage

We specialize in quality foliage and have an extensive range of outdoor plants, trees and palms to choose from.


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Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants add aesthetic value to homes and offices by bringing a touch of nature. They have the ability to remove volatile organic compounds that have adverse health effects on humans and animals.

Outdoor Plants

Dwarf and outdoor plants save the space in garden and also give a picturesque look. They are naturally trimmed so you don't have the trouble of pruning.

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